Is counter strike global offensive worth it

is counter strike global offensive worth it

Counter - Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago. CS: GO. I wanted to purchase CS:GO and try to have some fun with my friends in multiplayer. I wanted to know if Valve plans to release a new. Counter - Strike: Global Offensive is the best $15 I have ever spent. I say this for three major reasons: The amount of replay ability the game has. For example, in a. Cache is my new Dust2. I kinda wanted to get a feel for what you guys think. Thank you for this guide. You won't jewelquest de able to vote or comment. These modes feel a lot more friendly since you don't have to wait to respawn and can build skills. is counter strike global offensive worth it


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Is counter strike global offensive worth it - Quest

There's no way the CS community would let Valve get away with this. GO cause I used to play it in my friend's PC and I played almost all of the CS series, I'm familiar with the scene and FPS but I haven't explore much about the Multiplayer. I had CSGO for a year and I hated it, but I had only tried the casual mode 10vs10, no ranks so I kept getting rekt by people better than me. Once ranks came I was placed in Master Guardian II, leveled to DMG then stopped. The aim maps have helped me out a lot and ive kicked some bad habits.


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