Cs go grenade slots

cs go grenade slots

Hey guys, i've satarted playing cs: go today, and i have a problem " KP_MULTIPLY" "buy molotov; buy incgrenade " bind "KP_MINUS" "buy decoy" They're called slots on CS: GO, like flash is slot7, smoke is slot6, HE is slot8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Allgemeine Diskussionen > Themendetails Lets say I want HE Grenade Slot 4 Molotov/Incen: SLot 7. IIRC its just a thing that people did that carried over to csgo. permalink; embed normal, flashbang=f, smoke=c, grenade =z, inspect=t.


CS:GO - Grenade Bounce Trick

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Cs go grenade slots GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders roulette pro system, users here now New? Smoke I find it difficult as well to click 6,7,8 while in the thick of battle so I either cycle using 4 or use the mouse scroll, but I'm sure there is a way in settings to change the key for. Hellcase Cup 5 19h Tengri Imperial. I don't know what you're looking. You're better off learning it the right way. Login or Sign up. Members Online Honorary Portfolios Leaderboards Exemplifications Subscribers Thankers Thanked Donors Donees Submitters Activity Logs Medals Unlocks Points Awards.
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How do people throw grenades so fast? Did you bother downloading flushas config before making yourself look like a moron? Please see this thread for more information and to participate in discussion. Games Sections Community Chat. Read this page for more information! Here are the grenade binds I use to do it, feel free to modify them for whatever buttons you prefer. I recommend not getting used to those commands, because they will not be consistent on all servers.

Cs go grenade slots - können

I rarely find myself needing to scroll forwards AND backwards with the mousewheel, unless I skip over a grenade. This way, as soon as I hit e I would whip out a frag. It should return to the primary or the sidearm, whichever was out soon before equipping the nade. Log in or sign up in seconds. Press the key again and keep clicking. cs go grenade slots Modern Warfare 3 WANTED Wanted! I haven't set baby sitter games binds yet for GO because I'm playing mostly "Competitive Casual" and there's so much freezetime that I can navigate the buymenu at my leisure. Yes, I believe so. The slots of the weapons are this?: You can use bind commands, or the "quick-switch" technique. You're better off learning it the right way.


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